Studio of classical design and 3D modeling for CNC

Every day our team works to ensure that the classic world art is available to everyone, through modern production technologies and a high level of design

Design of carved elements

We develop the most exquisite and beautiful design of classic elements for furniture, interior details and architecture

3D modeling for CNC

3D modeling for CNC and visualizations of any complexity, from simple decorative elements to 3D modeling of classic interiors and facades of mansions

Interior design and architecture

We create a unique and luxurious design of a classic interior and exterior at the highest level and according to all the canons of classical styles

Technical documentation development

Development of technical documentation to order for complex classical interiors and architecture is an integral part of our work

We create custom design

Our artists, designers and decorators create a truly individual and unique design of classic furniture, wall panels, doors, ceilings and floors, stairs and decorative elements, architectural elements. Professional 3D modelers translate all ideas into electronic format (3D models). We work with the world's best craftsmen who further bring our ideas to life

In our store you can download 3D models for CNC as well as free 3D models

3D model of the capital

3D model of a console table

3D model of the staircase column

Carved frame for CNC


We are always happy to answer any question you are interested in and we will do it as quickly as possible

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