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The procedure for the purchase of 3D models for CNC

Buying 3D models for CNC made through the site intermediary or directly contacting support our site. The following are discussed in detail two methods of buy 3D models


Method 1: direct appeal to our site administrators

(Selecting this option, you receive a discount of 15% on the purchase of any 3D model)


Step 1 - you define the required 3D model (do not push the button );

Step 2 - choose the most convenient for you payment method. Details about payment methods here;

Step 3 - send us a message e-mail, which indicates how a 3D model(s) you want to purchase and the selected payment method (example of a message: I want to buy a 3D model: Bg_021 | Decorative Molding. Method of payment: Payoneer.);

Step 4 - within one hour site administrators will review your application and you will receive feedback with detailed instructions on the chosen method of payment;

Step 5 - after a payment, we will send you a 3D model(s) in STL, obj and max formats to your mailbox in the archive or reference to the file sharing;

Step 6 - download the 3D model(s);

Done! You have a 3D model!


Method 2: via the website proxy


Step 1 - select the desired 3D model and press the button ;

Step 2 - automatically go to the site to the product you have chosen. By registering on the site (if you already have an account - enter the username and password);

Step 3 - add the product to the cart by clicking button "Add to Cart";

Step 4 - go to the shopping cart (#ITEMS);

Step 5 - select the method of payment;

Step 6 - then follow the instructions site depending on the selected payment method. Enter the data and make purchases;

Step 7 - after payment, 3D model is available in the list of files for download. Download!

Done! You have a 3D model!